Terms and Conditions

Bullied to Bulletproof offers coaching, consulting, training and support in person and online. It is a trading brand of Jo Brown Consulting Ltd, herein referred to as the service provider

General Terms

The Service Provider commits to delivering services as sold and the Client understands the work that is expected to come from his/her own time and efforts to be able to produce the output s/he desires. No outcomes are guaranteed

Moreover, the Client must understand that ALL the Terms and Conditions written in the agreements in this contract stands true and binding hence must be read and fully understood upon the Client’s signing of the forms

Termination Of Contract

The client is expected to act with a level of respect to the service provider staff and his/her teammates in any group program, and to the staff in any individual/personal service. 

If the client repeatedly shows a lack of respect to staff or his/her team, s/he will be given a written warning. Should the client continue to show a lack of respect for the staff or his/her team after the warning, the client will be asked to leave the relevant program with immediate effect. The fee agreed for the service is non-refundable if he/she is asked to leave a program due to their behaviour. 

Should the service provider fail to provide the service as described, the client may write a complaint and if found, they may end the contract with a pro-rated refund for any remaining time. Please note services are provided without guarantee of outcome, as this is dependent on the clients action and is outside the control of the service provider


If an email contact is provided, the individual agrees to receive regular emails. They may unsubscribe anytime. If a mobile phone contact is provided, the individual agrees to receive text messages. They may unsubscribe anytime. The service provider commits to never share or sell an individuals data.

Please note that service provision may require the sending of emails. If the individual unsubscribes they will not receive relevant information that is dependent on taking part in the service. We take no responsibility for a client that unsubscribes and is unable to access, use or take part in a service. If he/she has unsubscribed by mistake, please resubscribe or email [email protected] to resolve the issue

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