Get the Support You Need and Feel Seen, Heard and Valued

Support groups can provide the information and support you need to be more successful in your bullying case. Our support group provides a safe environment for professionals like you to connect, share and learn from other’s experiences

You can join by clicking the ‘apply to join’ button and complete the form - please read the rest of this section first before applying

We welcome people who are bullied at work and needing peer support and a safe space to speak in. The support group is by application only to ensure it is the right environment for each member. Any information you share with us for your application is only reviewed the support group facilitator only, it is confidential and not shared with anyone else

Wondering how we do it? Depending on the group needs, we may start with a short topic to discuss as a group, then open up the conversation through breakout rooms or the main room depending on the number of people on the call. As it grows we may divide people into similar stages in the bullying journey eg just started, going through a grievance, taking a legal case or we may segment by location so people can feel more supported locally. Each meeting will follow a similar format but the way it’s done will depend on the numbers and adapted to the needs of the group at that time

Support Group Time/Date

The support group is held 6pm to 8pm GMT (or BST in summer) on the 4th Monday of the month. Occasionally meetings will shift due to UK bank holidays and we’ll advise in advance. If the support group grows too large, we’ll look at running different timezones – but more of that when the need is there

If I can’t make it can I watch a recording?

No, for the members privacy the support group meetings will never be recorded and information from it will never be shared with those not in attendance

Can I use the support for as long as I need to, or is it limited?

You can use it for as long as you need to

Who leads or moderates the group?

Jo Brown leads the group. She set up the London Support Group in 2001 and it ran for many years in person. With the advent of more online possibilities, we can now reach more people internationally

How do I access the support group?

It is held online via Zoom and a link will be sent out each month to those registered as support group members. The link will change each month for your privacy

What might I be asked to do in the sessions?

You won’t be asked to do anything over and above what's in our ground rules. Speaking is your choice, getting involved is your choice. Some people are shy or nervous so we understand those who don’t interact initially - what we will say is you’ll get way more out of it if you do! Repeated lurking though will make us question whether the support group is for you and we ask you to consider how this may appear to other people

What ground rules or guidelines will I be asked to agree to?

Firstly, what is said in the group stays in the group. We do not agree to any information being shared outside the group and this boundary is on behalf of all the members. Respect and tolerance is firmly requested - we don’t tolerate poor behaviour. Thirdly, cameras on please. We understand privacy concerns but imagine how unnerving and worrying it is for others not knowing who is behind a blank screen. Fourthly, no recording of the sessions are allowed – we don’t and we ask you not to

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